Refined - a tool for Slack

Refined is a small extension to personalize Slack on your browser.

Here's a quick list of all the features. Follow the links for details on what they do :) Originally, I recorded a video showing the extension, but keeping it updated was really challenging.

Visible Threads

I hate missing conversations just because I'm not all the time with my eyes on Slack, and this happens a lot when people decide to talk in threads. Once the initial message gets out of my view, if people keep interacting in a thread, I have no way of knowing. Refined's Visible Threads fix that for you.

Mute users

Do you have some noisy bots you'd like to mute? Refined lets you do that.

You can write things like [Check this amazing extension]( and that's going to appear as Check this amazing extension for you and for everybody on the channel (even if they are not using Refined). Want to see an example? Check it out!

Generate hangout urls

Want to invite somebody to a hangout? I find that generating a link is easier and faster than the alternatives.

Unread count (on the title and/or favicon)

Sometimes (well, all the time) I'm on a tab that is not Slack. When that happens all I see is an asterisk on the title when there are some unread messages. Refined can add a count of unread messages on the page title. And if you use it pinned, you can add it to the favicon.

Move reactions to the right

Reactions are an amazing way of providing feedback without writing... but they can take lots of vertical space. If you move them to the right they no longer do!

When you click on a link to a Slack message, by default it opens the Slack app (or shows a prompt). Refined lets you remove that... so that whenever you click on a link, it's always opened on the Slack web.

Disable Google Drive previews

Google Drive previews are great, but they take lots of vertical space. Refined can replace these previews with the document url, so that you can click on it if you wish.

Disable url previews

Url previews... the times they provide any useful information for me are extremely rare. That's why Refined can totally disable them.

Hide the status emojis

And last but not least, in order to decrease the noisiness of your workspace, Refined can hide everyone's status emojis.

Threads on channel by default

Do you wish replies defaulted to "Send to #channel"? Refined can do that for you.

Make "send to channel" sticky

Once you send a reply to the channel, by default Slack unticks the checkbox for your next message. Refined can keep your last message's selection if you want it to.

Move the sidebar to the right

Refined can also move the sidebar to the right.

Hide All Unreads from the sidebar

I can see what's unread... I don't use All Unreads at all, so I want to remove that link from the sidebar.

Hide All Threads from the sidebar

Same thing... I don't need all threads at all.

Show details when switching channels

Would you like to see the channel context when switching to it? Refined can also do that for you!