Is this extension secure?

I'm glad you asked.

Do you want me to answer that? I'd say YES, it is secure because I don't want to steal your Slack data. But right after that, I have to tell you that it's exactly what I would say if I wanted to steal your data. I also have to say that once you install the extension, I can steal your Slack data. But I won't. Pinky promise.

What I'm saying is: by installing this extension you're basically trusting me. A random person on the internet. You'd be smart not to trust me. So you can build the extension from the source code and run that. Or you can learn a bit about myself (on twitter or on my blog) and decide for yourself if that's a risk you're willing to take. Keep in mind you should do this exercise with every extension you install.

Once you install the extension, you will see a notice that you need to accept for the extension to do anything.

Installing extensions is insecure

When you install extensions that modify sites you use (like Refined) they can steal your data and break the site you're using. What's worse is that even if you inspect their code, authors can update them without your knowledge. I actually wrote an article about it with suggestions as to what you should do if you really want to run this in a secure way.

Now, if you decide to trust me... there's one more thing: this extension can break Slack for you. I go into some ideas to troubleshoot (and how to report bugs) in the bugs page.