What happened with the name?

This extension has had so many names...

I've renamed this extension so many times that I thought I should at least mention it on the website.


When I shipped the first version, I called it BetterSlack. The Slack legal team sent me an email asking for a rename (and to basically stop distributing it).


A couple days after receiving the email, I removed the extension from the Chrome Store and renamed the repository to BitterSweet. I wanted to keep the BS initials and it kind of summed up the experience quite well.


I was able to have a talk with people from Slack, and after adding a couple disclaimers they were ok with me resuming the distribution. I kept adding stuff and fixing bugs. The rename to Taut was because BitterSweet didn't really talk about what the heck the extension was doing. I thought that Taut would be a good name and it's a nice word play.


But… if you tried searching for Taut or even Taut for Slack on Google, you'd get lots of explanations of what taut and slack mean… but not in the context of web applications :facepalm:. A review on the Chrome Store says "hope it becomes as popular as Refined Github"… and there's already a bunch of extensions that do exactly what this one does with different services:

So I thought about renaming the extension to Refined Slack (I even got the domain refinedslack.com). I talked with Slack's team to ensure it was ok and we compromised on "Refined - a tool for Slack". That achieved my main goal (discoverability) while still adhering to their Brand Guidelines, that say "please don’t use the Slack marks as part of the name of your company, application, product, or service, or in any logo you create". In this case, the name of the extension is Refined, and "a tool for Slack" is the clarifying language.